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M113K is 113.990 or 113.991? Looks like 134 pin connector?

M156 looks like 154 pin connector? WebETM Starfinder is amazing?

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Mercedes OEM Engine harness layout (ME2.0/1/8)

This is helpful information for swapping or building your own "improved" Engine Harness. ME2.0/1, (Roughly MY96/7 to MY99), the stock ECM for a Hellen128 system will have 2 plugs for E/F in the ECM, and then a handful of other plugs depending on chassis. W210 chassis will have 210 545 81 28 (Black Strip Plug), R129 will have 029 545 72 28 (Green Oval Plug), W202/208/170 may have both. In addition to the Engine Harness, most cars with ME2.0/1/8 ECMs also have rear mounted batteries, there will be a bulkhead connector on the firewall which connects to the starter; these cars will also have 722.6 Transmissions, which have a 13 pin connector on the right side of the transmission.

The strip or oval plugs connect a handful of accessory sensors, power leads, and the starter wire. In General, on a MB wiring harness, plain brown is GND, plain red is +V, purple is starter circuit.


Seen here is a 029 545 72 28 from a MY97 R129 SL320. Purple wire on pin 13 is starter signal Blue/Yellow wire on pin 12 is A/C Compressor Blue/Green wire on pin 9 is a sensor on the Oil Filter housing Brn/Wht wire on pin 7 is GND Brn/Wht wire on pin 6 is ECM GND Black/Green wire on pin 3 is IGN +V Red/Green wire on pin 2 is VVT/Resonance Flap +V Red/Blue wire on pin 1 is INJ +V

NB These plugs are not indicated on the wiring diagrams posted here.