Knock Sensing

TL,DR: We have native knock processing, with Proteus and Hellen hardware support at the moment. We have very limited amount of testing on real vehicles.

Software knock sensing


Youtube rusEFI: knock on standing Miata, Proteus

Youtube rusEFI: Hellen knock gauge

ASIC solution

We have some progress integrating with conventional knock sensors but it's not ready for end users. We use TPIC/HIP9011 IC for knock sensor integration but no conclusive data.

We believe that we have hip9011 hardware yet nobody has ever actually detected knock with a hip9011, someone would have to figure our calibration approach and test the overall implementation.

Frankenso has hip9011 on-board

TODO AndreiKA?


Frequency is calculated based on bore, Freq = (900 / (PIF * (bore) / 2))

We also have some results with ion sensing but it's not ready for end users

rusEFI ion sensing