Digital Dash

TL,DR: dash situation is not ideal. Open question what is acceptable boot time and what is boot time for each of the options.

We have 4 versions of Digital Dash currently

A-- The Quickest and easiest Digital Dash is TunerStudioMS... And is described Below

B-- Second is a PowerTune IMG that is just copied onto a SDcard -- and will boot up PowerTune on a raspberry Pi 3 ... More details

C-- Third is a Custom Digital Gauge cluster... Link HERE ... And here is the GitHub link for Code

D-- Fourth is Android tablet or phone running the Real Dash App

How to set up a Raspberry Pi with TunerStudio as a Digital Dash

Click the image to watch a video of a Raspberry Pi rusEFI connected display. Early "proof of concept"


Hardware Needed to run TunerStudioMS on Pi

Component Link
Raspberry Pi (3 b+ or 4) Raspberry Pi
Display of your choice 7" Display
Controls Keyboard and Mouse
12+ Power Module 12v-5v


  1. Download TunerStudio - you want the tar.gz file

  2. Extract to your home directory

a. Default home directory is "pi", open terminal and type: "ls /home/pi/TunerStudioMS" (if your home directory isnt "pi" change to match your home directory)

b. Ensure that "" shows up in the results. If it is not, re-install

  Note: you MAY need to install JAVA... if so, type

  `sudo apt-get install openjdk-8-jre`

  To set default Java runtime

  `sudo update-alternatives --config java`
  1. Create link to start TunerStudio:

    a. Open termnial and type: "ln -s /home/pi/TunerStudioMS/ /usr/local/bin"

    b. Once complete in terminal type: type: "bash /usr/local/bin/"

    i. TunerStudio will open. Enter your registration information now.
    ii. Load your tune and dash
    iii. Go to options - preferences - select "load last project on startup" **paid TunerStudio function
    iv. Go to options - preferences - select "make dashboard fullscreen" **paid TunerStudio function
    v. Save tune. Close TunerStudio

Here is a site with free dashboards to spice up your look

Here is a site on how to make your own custom dashboards