Q: What are key differences between port and GDI?

A: high voltage control of injectors, high pressure pump control logic and target fuel pressure control logic.

GDI Status

TL,DR: we had car starting/idling - Video using a plywood board - Forum we have postponed GDI progress until funding or qualified contributor joins the game.

Forum thread for test mule

Forum thread for dev board

Test Mule Wiring Diagram runs on rusEFI GDI!

Gasoline Direct Injection requires a few additional components on top of port injection:

1) High voltage injection control - we have rusEFI GDI dev board which has clicked injector on a bench - Video.

2) High pressure fuel pump solenoid control - we have a working implementation!

3) Target fuel pressure logic - we have nothing, but could be as easy as adding a simple table?




See also BMW injector driver

See also rusEFI injector driver

TODO: try INJECTOR DRIVE MODULE IDM-2 2013 13 HYUNDAI GENESIS 39175-3C000 2014 Hyundai Azera 39172-3ะก010