Joining the rusEFI slack channel

What is slack and why should I be there?

Slack in a group messenger that can be accessed through your browser or as an application on your PC.

Before joining slack please read the section on asking questions.
Please also read the topic on distraction.. And maybe even Knowledge-best-practices-and-Channels

Joining the channel

Magic link

(Please post on the forum if the link expires, we have to manually update every month)

To get started you'll have to get the invite to our channel, you can do that using the link above.


After entering, you'll receive an invitation in your E-mail of choice.


You'll need to open the invite e-mail and click on the link inside


After opening the link you'll be directed to the sigh-up page.


You'll need to fill out the specified spaces and create your then account.

After creating your account you'll enter the rusEFI slack channel.



If you already have a slack account you can just use our workspace url - , you'll know what to do.