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microRusEFI is a highly integrated board version of the rusEFI ECU. The microRusEFI ECU is targeted at port-injected gasoline engines up to 4 cylinders.

Connector Pinout

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  • Primary VR or Hall input (configurable with few resistor changes)
  • Secondary Hall input
  • x4 analog thermistor (temperature) inputs
  • x10 analog voltage inputs (0-5v)
  • x4 high-Z injector outputs
  • x2 high-current low side outputs for IAC/VVT/other solenoids
  • Dedicated main relay control output
  • x4 low-current low side outputs for relays or warning lights
  • x4 5v logic level ignition outputs
  • x2 5v/12v configurable logic level outputs (requires resistor changes)
  • Electronic throttle body (drive by wire)
  • CAN connectivity on the plug
  • USB connectivity on the plug

Connector Pinout

Main Relay Wiring:

wiring diagram

microRusEFI image microRusEFI image


Q: How about 6 cylinders sequential on microRusEFI?

A: The microRusEFI ECU is primarily a 4 cylinder ECU. At this time the testing for safety, reliable control, and consistency have not been completed for running the microRusEFI ECU on a 6 cylinder engine. This is something that we are working on and could be added at a future point. See https://github.com/rusefi/hw_microRusEfi/issues/203

Q: what about stepper idle?

A: yes microRusEFI can drive 4 wire idle air valves see setting at https://github.com/rusefi/rusefi/pull/3749

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