Asking for help

Before getting in touch for some assistance there are a couple of things to know that will make it easy for us to help you.

First off before asking for help, please check the rest of the wiki, Take a look through the forum/search.php) or read through the FAQs.

If after that you still need direct help then please have a read of the information below and help us to help you.

Please post your tune & log files at rusEFI Online. More on that in Support

Please post details on resolution

Once your issue is resolved please write up how you got things resolved.

Persistence and are two permanent systems of record for any rusEFI knowledge.

Please record and post a relevant log file. There are two ways to get a log file

1) In TunerStudio, Use "DataLogging">"Start Logging" menu item. Logs are written to "Documents\TunerStudioProjects\NAME_OF_YOUR_PROJECT\DataLogs" folder.

2) With rusEFI console, simply grab the latest .msl file from "out" folder

See also Knowledge-best-practices-and-Channels

HOWTO Ask Technical Questions

See also BLUF (bottom line up front) communication

How to ask technical questions

How To Ask

FreeCAD's Bug Submission Guidelines

An example of a question asked with helpful background information:

UK Mazda MX5 miata NB 1.8'99 - Future Turbo project r0.5 #38 - Forum