Q: Do i need wideband oxygen sensor?

The short answer is yes

The longer answer is also yes. You need a wideband because a narrowband only tells you if you are RICH or LEAN, not HOW RICH or HOW LEAN. How are you going to target 13:1 AFR at wide open throttle with a narrowband? Hint: it isn't possible.

PS: if you are looking to debate or double-check anything here - please don't. You absolutely need a wideband oxygen sensor.

Q: So I need it for initial calibration, what about once calibration is done?

A: With weather changes and life happening it's better to keep the wideband and enjoy rusEFI closed loop fuel correction functionality.

Q: Shall I get Innovate wideband controller?

A: rusEFI advices AGAINST Innovate wideband controllers.