How can I help rusEFI?

The weakest point of rusEFI is lack of samples and success stories. As of Aug 2020, we really need vehicle threads on the forum.

HOWTO contribute success stories

We also do not have much user feedback in general - we do not know how many rusEFI units are used regularly and what are users looking for (we know about launch control).

Another weak point of rusEFI is documentation. If you've played with rusEFI for any time chances are you have help improve the documentation.

We are also extremely short on software developers. HOWTO contribute to firmware

Please do good and do not do bad

We hope that as a community we can leverage each other's skills and have peaceful fun together.

We probably would not articulate the guiding principles better than and

Q: What's the plan about XXX?

A: How can you help? There are so many ways to help, quite often having a test mule and being available to try new features is huge help!

Last but not least

Since 2012 until today, this is just a hobby project with zero paid employees. Test PCBs, forum hosting, damaged hardware and etc. costs money

There are two ways to help financially:

One-time or monthly

One-time or monthly rusEFI Patreon