OEM connectors 121 pin

Disclaimer: the following observations could be really wrong, please let me know if you have better information.

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There are two kinds of 121 connectors which look pretty much the same but do not mate together unless you use a grinder to massage them a bit.


TE 368255-2

This one is used on Asian vehicles - Kia Hyundai etc.

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368255 Asian render

Note the horizontal line and the lack of double-lines

368255 Asian Top Photo


TE 1241434-1

This one is used on Audi, VW, Mini Cooper.

1241434 German render

Note the double-lines:

1241434 German render Top

1241434 German Top Photo

How to make a German plug work with an Asian header

Use a grinder on the plug. This would probably void your warranty.

Before grinding:

Before Shaving

Take the orange rubber piece away while grinding. Grind a bit on the inside.

After Shaving

Re-install the rubber ring.

After Shaving With Gasket

This way you should be able to use a "German" style plug on a "Asian" style connector.

Final Result

There is also a 115 pin version - 6 pins are left out (14, 15, 16, 33, 34, 35)


Kia Spectra 2005


Nissan Xterra 2011