1994 Mazda Miata

Frankenso Mazda Miata NA6 PnP

Frankenso options

ECU pin-out seems to be very similar to 1990 with few exceptions:

  1. dedicated MAF ground

  2. individual injector wiring

Frankenso Set up for 1994 Miata

Frankenso Set up for 1994 Miata Back

Plug 1

22 pin

pos b pos color desc type
1A BLU/RED Hot at all times. Room Fuse. Input +12v
1B WHT/RED Main relay Input +12v
1D WHT/GRN Data Link Connector
1E YEL/BLK Check Engine Light
1F * * * Extra analog input (WB O2?) Extra Input
1G W7 0Ohm BRN/YEL Coil Pack Cylinder 1&4 Output
1H W8 0Ohm BRN Coil Pack Cylinder 2&3 Output
1I BLU/WHT Powertrain Control Module (Transmission)
1J BLU/BLK A/C Compressor Relay
1K BLK J/C? (M/T Only)
1L BLK/GRN Coolant Fan Relay Output, low-side
1M GRN/RED Vehicle Speed Sensor Input
1N RED Powertrain Control Module (Transmission)
1O GRN/BLK stop light switch Input
1Q LT GRN/BLK AC Pressure Switch
1S BLU/ORG Heater Control Unit
1V BRN/WHT Powertrain Control Module (Transmission) & Clutch Switch

Plug 2

26 pin

pos b pos color desc type
2A BLK Pwr Ground Ground
2B BLK Pwr Ground Ground
2C BLK/LT GRN Logic Ground Ground
2D BLK/BLU Logic Ground Ground
2E W43 0Ohm WHT Crank angle #1 CKP Input, four times
2F BLK/RED MAF signal ground Ground
2G W45 0Ohm YEL/BLU Crank angle #2
2H LT GRN/YEL Data Link Connector
2I BLK/WHT tacho signal Input
2J LT GRN/RED EGR Function Sensor Input
2K W49 0Ohm LT GRN/WHT +5 ref/TPS power Output 5v
2L BLU/RED Rear Defroster relay
2M W51 0Ohm RED/BLK throttle position sensor
2N W52 0Ohm RED/BLU heated O2 sensor
2O W53 0Ohm RED MAF signal analog input
2P W54 0Ohm RED/BLK intake air thermosensor analog input
2Q BLU/WHT Coolant thermosensor
2R YEL/GRN Pressure regulator solenoid Output/low side (?)
2S BLU/WHT Condenser Fan Relay Output/low side (?)
2T W58 0Ohm LT GRN Fuel Pump relay Output/low side
2U W59 YEL Injector #1 Output/low side
2V W60 0Ohm YEL/BLK Injector #2 Output/low side
2W W61 0Ohm BLU/ORG idle valve control Output/low side
2X W62 YEL/RED purge solenoid Output/low side
2Y W63 0Ohm GRN/WHT Injector #3 Output/low side
2Z W64 0Ohm GRN Injector #4 Output/low side

== Diagram == 1990-2000 Miata System Wiring Diagrams

Wiring Diagram Wiring Diagram Wiring Diagram

Wiring Diagram


Source: http://www.rivercityroad.com/garage/cas.htm The CAS has four wires. Two are for +12 power and ground. The other two are the output signals read by the engine computer.

The signals are called SGC and SGT on the 1.8 engine. They are called called NE and G signals on the 1.6 engine. The computer can decode the position of the engine camshaft and the engine speed from these two signals. With this information, it calculates when to send spark to the spark plugs and fuel to the fuel injectors.

CAS Signals

CAS Pinout