1990 Mazda Miata

Frankenso Mazda Miata NA6 PnP


1990 1.6 US

Rusefi Engine Type 41 on Frankenso

Plug 1

22 pin

pos b pos color desc type
1A hot all times, Room Fuse Input +12v
1B White/RED Main relay Input +12v
1C Violet Ignition on Input +12v
1E YEL/BLK Check Engine Light MIL Output PD5
1G W7? Igniter 1 & 4 Output +5v PE14
1H W8 Igniter 2 & 3 Output +5v PC7
1I * * *
1J W10 BLue/Black A/C relay ?
1K diag connector mode switch TEN
1L N/C
1M N/C
1O stop light switch input
1P Power Steering SW
1Q AC Thermo SW
1R W18? BLK/GRN A/C Extra Cooling Fan Relay
1S Heater Control SW
1U Tail Fuse

*** "On a 1990 - 1993 Miata, there are three coolant sensors." "On the top of the thermostat housing at the front of the engine is the 'Water Thermoswitch,' a single-wire sensor that turns the fan on when coolant temperature reaches 207°F (97°C)." "At the rear of the cylinder head is the 'Water Thermosensor.' which sends temperature info to the ECU to help it set A/F ratio."

Plug 3

26 pin

pos b pos color desc type
3A W39 Ground
3B W40 Ground
3C W41 Ground
3D W42 Ground
3E White Crank angle #1 Input PC6
3F * * *
3G Yellow/BLue Crank angle #2 Input, PA5
3H W46? MAP Inp10 PA6
3I Tach Input
3J * * *
3K W49 LT GRN/RED +5 ref/TPS power Output 5v
3L W50 LT GRN/WHT M/T TPS switch Analog input PA2
3M W51 Red/Black TPS signal (A/T) Analog input
3N W52 Red/BLue oxygen sensor Input PC3
3O W53 Red VAF/MAF
3P W54 Red/Green IAT, intake air thermosensor analog input, 2.7K pull-up, 3.6K? PC1
3Q W55 BLue/White CLT, water thermosensor analog input, 2.7K pull-up, 3.6K? PC2
3R W56 * * *
3S W57 * * *
3T W58 * * *
3U W59 Yellow injector (1&3) Output/low side
3V W60 Yellow/Black injector (2&4) Output/low side
3W W61 BLue/Orange Idle Speed Control valve Output/low side
3X W62 White/Blue purge solenoid valve control Output
3Y W63 * * *
3Z A/T control unit

Wiring Diagram

See also Mazda ECU Technical Data

See you - some notes on stock ECU schematics (TinyCAD format) - https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B7l1FeMZcfisM3pHanlkWFRGQVU/view?usp=sharing


Useful wires:

CLT B/L Black/Blue Oil Y/A Yellow/? Turn signal Right G/W Green/White Turn signal Left G/B Green/Black

Wiring Diagram

See also http://www.mellens.net/mazda/Mazda-Miata-1991-1993/1991_wiring.pdf