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MAF sensors

Ford Slot type MAF sensor

PN - Hitachi MAF0012 plug TE 1-1419168-2

Tested Sensors

A large number of tested MAF sensors can be found here

Liquid Pressure and Temperature Sensor

  • Combined Temperature and Pressure sensor. 2x Sensors in one..!!
  • 0 - 10.0 bar (145psi) Pressure Sensor for liquid
  • -40 - 140 deg C Temperature sensor for liquid
  • Bosch Trapez 4-pin connector
  • 45degree cone seat, M10x1 fitting
  • Suitable for Diesel, gasoline, water, engine oil, transmission oil

oil sensor end oil sensor connector oil sensor side

Mfgr/App Part Number
Aston Martin HY539G756AA
Bosch 0 261 230 340
Bosch 0 261 230 483
Bosch DS M1 TF
FISPA 84.387
SIDAT 84.387
HOFFER 7472385
Mazda PY8V-18-541B
Mazda SH0118541
McLaren 13F0517CP
Meat & Doria 82385
Metzger 0906191
Porsche 9A1 606 203 00
WEPARTS 410590179
Wilmink Group WG1409271
Standard Motor Products PS661
Ballenger Motorsports PST-F1

Technical Specifications

For temperature measurement please use a pull-up resistor with an optimal value of 4.6 kOhm.
The sensor has a protection for overvoltage, reverse polarity and short-circuit.

Data Sheet

oil sensor specs oil sensor specs oil sensor specs oil sensor specs

Connectors and Wires

Bosch Trapezoid


Mating connector F02U.B00.751-01

Pin 2 Pressure Signal

Pin 3 Power Supply

Pin 4 Ground

Pin 5 Temperature Signal


VW Audi 1 928 405 159 (Inject Sensor) Ford 1928405159

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