Vault of Ignition Parts

This page is intended as a container for all trialed ignition components that are external to the ECU---

Ignition coils

Smart coils

  • LSx ignition coils - Considered the cheap goto for US users. Can be purchased cheaply from junkyards and Ebay.

  • VAG Normal/Long


See also OEM-harness-connectors#volkswagen

  • VAG Short is different

Dumb coils





Toyota Two Wire


  • BMW M50 coils - Tested and working with 4D0905351 ignition module


Pin #1 "15" is +12V

Pin #2 "4a" Body GND

Pin #3 "Negative" from igniter

  • OEM B-series Honda Single coil for distributor used with the OEM ignition module, 3-4ms dwell

  • Ford V6 wasted spark coil - PN Unknown - Used successfully at about 4-5ms dwell in conjunction with the 4D0905351 ignition module

Ignition Modules (aka "igniters")

  • VW 1.8t 4 cylinder module - PN 4D0905351
    For igniter location see broken link Tested and working with BMW Coils, uses a pair of Ampseal plugs (easily available on ebay). Wiring layout available on the forum. Plugs - TE 282193-1 x1, TE 282192-1 x1, TE 929937-3 x9, TE 828905-1 x9
    Also known as: VW Audi 97- 05 - Bosch PN 0227100211

  • OEM B-series Honda ignition module - PN LX615
    Pull low to charge, release to fire. 3-4ms dwell, internally pulled up to 12v. Integra Accord Civic Del Sol CRX Prelude (inside the huge distributor, not considered very reliable)

  • 1989-1995 Ford Ranger / Mazda B2300 4 cylinder 2.3 - PN LX230T
    (in front of the battery, bolted to heat sink)

  • Dis4-03 Hitachi 90-96 Subaru

  • Toyota / Lexus 6 cylinder 1998-2005 2JZ GS300 - PN 89621-30020

  • Toyota 92-95 Camry ES300 - PN 89621-33020

  • Toyota 1991-1999 - PN 89621-16020
    Harness side connector Sumitomo 6189-0515 Toyota 90980-11653



  • Toyota - PN 89621-35020


BTS2140 module

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