Vault of BMW Info

This is a repository of a bunch of info relevant to fitting rusEFI to the older (Pre E46/Pre CANBUS) BMWs.

Early Motronic Ti Signal (Fuel Consumption)

BMW MPG gauge and MS3
OBC input signal, correcting signal options

Load Signal (Ti):
is produced by the ECM as an output function that represents the actual amount of fuel injected.
It is made available to other control modules as an input for operation.

These control modules include:

  • OBC=Fuel consumption for MPG and Range.
  • Instrument Cluster = MPG Gauge
  • EGS = Load signal for shift points (If Equipped)

The Ti output is a processed square wave signal.
The frequency of the signal is proportional to engine RPM.
The pulse width and duty cycle will vary to reflect the injection quantity

It looks like it is a 12v signal as some have managed to get it working with it wired to inj1 running sequential mode on an MS. 12:53 Which also implies it is a 12v lowside to run it

you could actually run it with general purpose pwm pretty easily

55 pin pinouts

88 pin Motronic pinouts

88 pin ECU pinout

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The E46 switched from a different ABS partway through production (I think 2003). The earlier units don't work. I believe the M3 devices have programming that is more suitable for track use, but that the non-M3 are still considered quite good (the differences are pretty qualitative and I haven't seen any real back to back comparison). Some of the M3 units are also flashable with special race tunes including one that is fully programmable. So short answer is you CAN use pretty much any Teves Mk60 from E46, but the M3 unit is often preferred. MINI's and some VAG cars of similar years also came with the Teves
Mk60 and I believe those can also be used
There are a subset of MK60 units that can be used for Race ABS applications which requires a bench flash of a map specifically set to your chassis. Any ZCP/CSL unit can accept the Race ABS programming and any E46 M3 MK60 who's computer number ends in 813.3 can also. There are e46 m3 units that end with 818.3 which can't be flashed with the race program.