rusEFI likes Tag Connect so many boards have that small TC2030 footprint - microRusEFI, Hellen, Proteus and wideband etc.

TC2030-CTX-NL-STDC14 cable (old part number: TC2030-CTX-NL-STDC14)

$43.00 at

and STLINK-V3MINI $11 everywhere is the easiest to use combo.


Way more ghetto option would be based on TC2030-MCP-NL off eBay with phone jack cut off and wires soldered



Three more important wires are:

  • GND (black on TC2030)
  • 13-swdio (yellow on TC2030)
  • 14-swclk (red on TC2030)

Offtopic: STLINK-V3MINI also works with FTSH-105-01-F-DV-007-K on Proteus