We can develop and fabricate a Standalone PnP ECU board* for more or less any port injected gasoline engine for $1100.

(well, minimal order of five required so minimal order price $5500, additional boards $400)

  • two months turn around time
  • up to dual ETB
  • up to 16 injectors
  • up to 16 coil drivers
  • CAN programming of whatever packets as long as you know what packets are needed
  • new or used main connector, depending on availability
  • shape matching OEM case if desired
  • if we mess up second round is on us!
  • interested in GDI? Let's talk!

Powered by Hellen One Platform


For list of Hellen boards available for sale already see Hellen-One-Platform

Plug In, not Plug and Play

  • Uses OEM header (new if available, used otherwise)
  • Goes into OEM case
  • Basic CAN programming included according to provided CAN message format
  • Tuning NOT included
  • K-line NOT supported
  • Vehicle integration research NOT included
  • TL,DR: this is a blank plug-in board not a "Hook it up and drive to the race track" deal. While we can produce a great ECU, only someone with a test vehicle can make the base tune. Please do your research!

What next?

rusEFI LLC does not have experience and resources to provide adequate support to retail customers. The ideal setup is rusEFI focusing on hardware, software and fabrication, with product owners dealing with sales, marketing and user support for each of the platform specific ECUs.

See also Plug-In-Board-Process