Knowledge sharing and Channels

TL,DR: are you interested in any knowledge being indexed by google and are you interested in any knowledge outliving your rusEFI involvement? Are you interested in the social aspect of the rusEFI Discord lounge?

TL,DR: please post knowledge on forum and report issues at

(do we have this somewhere already?)

We have too many channels.

Universal long term car knowledge? probably wiki

I have a cool project, it's my own not universal knowledge? at least a summary on the forum

Q: I need help?

A: Please start on the forum, please go to slack after first back and forth, please post summary on the forum. Know what you are doing? Please start with a github issue instead of forum post.

Q: I have exciting valuable data I really want to dump it into slack RIGHT NOW

A: Please do not. Please help by not offloading data preservation on someone else. Please start on the forum or github. Slack communications are only good for clarification and discussion AFTER context is nicely established on forum or github.

Q: Should I pile everything together?

A: Please do not mix unrelated things together. For instance, let's not troubleshoot Mercedes vehicles on BMW build threads :)