Hellen 88 BMW

PnP Development board for M50 M60 and Pre-1995 Euro M3 M50tu and Pre-1995 USA M3

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BMW e34 E34 ~= E36

BMW e36

1996 325 electrical manual

Dev Pinout Notes



Up to 8 cylinder with OEM dumb or aftermarket smart coils. We hope that this board supports:

  • M3.1 - M50
  • M3.3 - M60 and Pre-1995 Euro M3
  • M3.3.1 - M50tu and Pre-1995 USA M3

Not supported

This board definitely does not support:


  • MS41.0 - E36 M52
  • MS41.1 - E39 M52
  • MS41.2 - E36 M3 USA Post 1995

todo: clarify about Bosch M1.7 - E30 M42 M1.7.2- E36 M42 M1.7.3 - Z3 M44 M5.2 - E36/Z3 M44 and M62 and M73

Auxiliary Pins

  • DC Motor for drive-by-wire or DC motor wastegate see J19
  • Dual channel PPS and TPS sensors add-on connector. We are hinting at M52 swaps into E36. See J20 and J21 for sensor hookup.
  • GPIO pins XXX:

Spare Parts

Extra ECU connector terminals: 969005-2 & 927845-2