microRusEFI Kit Instructions

this page is outdated - rusEFI no longer sells microRusEFI as a kit

Initial kit state

All kit PCBs come pre-programmed and verified. No firmware upload required right after soldering. Actually your microRusEFI would communicate via USB if you solder just USB connector or feed USB via 48 pin connector.

VIDEO Initial state

VIDEO testing with test fixture

HOWTO microRusEFI Kit

microRusEFI kit comes 75% assembled - while many components are already mounted, about two dozens still need to be added. This includes both easy to mount components like main connector and harder to solder TLE8888 100-pin chip. Some soldering hints and tricks are discussed here. If in doubt of your SMD skills please consider fully assembled version.

For component placement please use interactive BOM







Some checkpoints

All microRusEFI kits use MRE F4 rusEFI firmware - DOWNLOAD LATEST BUNDLE HERE

Wiring Diagram

0.5.0 schematics PDF

0.4.8 schematics PDF

0.4.7 schematics PDF

rusEFI Slack channel is the primary support channel.

HOWTO program rusEFI using DFU

Crankshaft position sensor options: Hall or VR

Depending on your crankshaft position sensor type you would need to populate either Hall or VR option.

0.4.5, 0.4.7: For VR crankshaft position sensor you would need to add R9 & C12 on the back.

0.4.8: Comes set for VR (R9 & C12 are now on the front since)

VR mode front - comes pre-assembled Back

VR mode back Back

0.4.5, 0.4.7: For Hall, you would need to REMOVE R15 & C35 on the front, and install R17=1.5K R18=R19=4.7K on the back.

0.4.8: For Hall, you would need to REMOVE R15&R9, C12 & C35 on the front, and install R17=1.5K R18=R19=4.7K on the back.

0.5.0 Hall Front

0.4.7 Hall mode front Front

0.4.7 Hall mode back Back

Board Photos



Kit front:


Kit parts on the front:


Kit parts on the back: Back

Diodes 0.4.7

Flyback diodes orientation around version 0.4.7 - horizontal facing OPPOSITE direction Back

Diodes 0.5.2

Flyback diodes orientation around version 0.5.2 - angles, facing SAME direction Back

Important details

0.4.5, 0.4.7: JP1 needs to be TBDsee

see https://github.com/rusefi/hw_microRusEfi/issues/127

Unpopulated parts which you probably do NOT need:

LIN termination D43 R10

RTC diode D42

Wake-up CAN R8

More images

Direct board programming

J7 header in bottom-left corner of microRusEFI allows direct SWD programming using TC2030-MCP-NL cable

Tag Connect In circuit Cable "NO Legs" Version


Note - Missing wire caps

In the even of a missing wire cap on the molex plug the correct part number is 64320-1301 and these can be easily sourced online