HOWTO Upload a Tune

Tune file is a TunerStudio file with your current calibrations, it's often called CurrentTune.msq.

In order to be able to post your tune you would need to to have your Engine Make, Engine Code and Vehicle Name fields filled in. Close TunerStudio project once you've made engine name changes for file to be updated.

Now you are ready to hit "Upload" button on and point it a CurrentTune.msq file



A: If you want to mention a tune please provide exact URL. It's not very useful to just say "I've uploaded my tune" without full URL. Please help us help you by pointing at what exactly we are looking to discuss :)

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Q: Why bother?

A: to make everyone's life easier. There is not much fun in looking at low-resolution videos of the screen. There is not much fun in reading a wall of text when full tune would be so much more helpful. There is little fun in looking at amazing high resolution screenshot of five dialogs if you need some other dialog.