GDI4 is an injector/HPFP driver, not a self-contained ECU. You would use it with either rusEFI standalone or any other standalone with high pressure control functionality.

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Issue Tracker Hardware & Firmware

  • 4 GDI injectors with peak-hold control using NXP PT2001 chip
  • Aux analog inputs
  • CAN connectivity
  • Max boost voltage 72V
  • Max peak 15A or a bit more
  • Max hold 5A or a bit more
  • Metal case
  • open and short circuit software PENDING
  • build around MC33PT2001 chip
  • TC2030 and 0.1" SWD pinout
  • UART 115200 baud



rev C:

  • optional six channels
  • Low-side 1 output moved to PB8 to free analog input.

rev B:

  • rev A with #101 fixed

rev A: