ECU pinout


Connector Pinout

94 accord ex ecu pinout

26 pin

A1 W63 BRowN Injector #1 Output
A2 W64 YEL Injector #4 Output
A3 W61 RED Injector #2 Output
A4 W62 GRN/YEL VTEC Solenoid Valve Output
A5 W59 BLUe Injector #3 Output
A6 W60 ORG/BLK O2 Heater Output, sink/low
A7 W57 GRN/BLK Fuel Pump Relay Output, sink/low
A8 W58 * * *
A9 W55 BLK/BLU Idle Air Control Valve Output, sink/low. 500Hz
A10 W56 GRN/WHT Engine Mount Control Output
A11 W53 RED EGR SOL Output
A12 W54 GReeN Radiator Fan Control Module Output
A13 W51 LTGRN/RED MIL Output, low-side
A14 W52 WHT/YEL Fuel Injection Air Control
A15 W49 RED/BLU A/C compressor clutch relay Output
A16 W50 WHT/GRN Alternator Control
A17 W47 * * *
A19 W45 ORG/GRN Intake Air Resonator Control Solenoid valve Output
A21 W43 YEL/GRN Ignition Control Module Output, \~12v
A22 W44 * * *
A23 W41 BLK Power Ground Ground
A24 W42 BLK Power Ground Ground
A25 W39 YEL/BLK Power Source Input, +12 if ignition is on
A26 W40 BRN/BLK Logic Ground Ground

16 pin

B1 W37 YEL/BLK Power Source Input, constant +12V
B2 W38 BRN/BLK Logic Ground Ground
B3 W35 WHT/RED AFS A (TCM) Up/Down shift signal
B4 W36 GRN AFS B (TCM) Up/Down shift signal
B5 W33 RED/WHT AC Pres Switch
B6 W34 * * *
B7 W31 lightLTGRN AT Gear Pos Part/Neutral Input
B8 W32 GRN Power Steering Pres Sw Input, indicates high power steering load
B10 W30 ORG Vehicle Speed Sensor Input (grounded 4 times per speedometer cable revolution)
B11 W27 ORanGe CYP Signal Input, one pulse per cam rev
B12 W28 WHT CYP Ground
B13 CAM- ORG BLU TDC Signal Input, four pulses per cam revolution
B15 CNK- BLU GRN CKP Signal Input, 24 pulses per cam

22 pin

D1 W21 WHT YEL Voltage Back Up Input, constant +12V
D2 W22 Brake Switch Input
D3 W19 * * *
D4 W20 RED Service Check Signal Input, ground to activate
D6 W18 BLU/BLK VTEC Pressure Switch Input
D7 W15 lightLTGRN RED TXD/RXD data link
D8 W16 * * *
D9 W13 WHT RED ALT FR Signal
D10 W14 GRN RED Electrical Load Detector Input (signals headlight, radio etc)
D11 W11 RED/BLK Throttle Position Sensor Input
D12 W12 WHT/BLK EGR Lift Sensor Input
D13 W9 RED/WHT Engine Coolant Temperature Sensor Input
D14 W10 WHT RED Primary O2 Sensor Input
D15 W7 RED YEL Intake Air Temperature Sensor Input (bias pull-up 1.5K)
D16 W8 * * *
D17 W5 WHiTe/YELlow MAP Sensor Input: 0.32V @ -13.9 PSI, 4.84V @ 10.94 PSI
D18 W6 lightLTGRN/BLK VREF Output for TCM +5V
D19 W3 YEL/WHT VCC1 MAP sensor power supply Output +5V
D20 W4 YEL BLU VCC2 TPS, EGVL sensor power supply Output +5V
D21 W1 GRN/WHT SG1 MAP sensor GND Ground
D22 W2 GRN BLU SG2 - Sensors Ground ground

Wiring Diagram

Wiring Diagram

Wiring Diagram


[Honda F22B1 Engine - Wikipedia]](

Fuel Injector 06164-P0A-A00 248cc/min Low impedance

MAP sensor 37830-P05-A01

ECT sensor 37870-PJ7-003

ECT Sensor Coorelation

IAT 37880-P0A-A02


ignition control module 30120-P0A-A01

TCM pinout

tcm 28100-P0H-A02

TCM 26 pin

A1 * * *
A2 * * *
A3 GRN/WHT Shift solenoid control B Output
A4 GRN/YEL Lockup solenoid B Output
A5 BLU/YEL Shift solenoid control A Output
A6 YELlow Lockup solenoid A Output
A7 * * *
A8 D4 light control Output
A9 BLUe Engine Speed from dizzy Input
A10 * * *
A11 Selector "1" input
A12 * * *
A13 Selector "2" input
A14 * * *
A15 Selector "D3" input
A16 * * *
A17 Lt GRN/BLacK Selector "D4" input
A18 WHT/GRN Shift lock control
A19 Lt GRN Park/Neutr input
A20 WHT/YEL Battery input
A21 Reverse input Input
A22 A/C on input Input
A23 Ignition input
A24 Ignition input
A25 BRN/BLK Ground Ground
A26 BRN/BLK Ground Ground

TCM 22 pin

D1 * * *
D2 * Brake switch Input
D3 Baro Pressure Input
D4 * * *
D5 Engine Coolant Temp sensor Input
D6 Service Check Conn
D7 Throttle Position Sensor Input
D8 * * *
D9 ORG Vehicle Speed Sensor Input
D10 * * *
D11 GRN Up/Down shift sig
D12 Mainshaft speed Sensor Ground Ground
D13 WHT/RED Up/Down shift sig
D14 * * *
D15 Countershaft speed Input
D16 BRN/WHiTe Shift Ack
D17 Countershaft speed Sensor Ground Ground
D18 LT GRN/BLK Voltage Reference Input +5
D19 Mainshaft speed Input
D20 * * *
D21 * * *
D22 * * *


Wiring Diagram

Wiring Diagram

trigger signal

Measured 845 ohms between pins B15 / B16 also same for B14 / B13 and same for B12 / 11.

Scope Screenshot

stock ECU schematics highlights

IC1: main chip, OKI 66911, DIP

Inputs: TDC input: HIC1#10, TTL signal: HIC1##8, goes to IC7#35

CYP input: HIC1#15, TTL signal: HIC1##12, goes to IC1#27

CKP input: HIC1#19, TTL signal: HIC1##17, goes to IC1#34

Outputs: Ignition module: IC7#28 via R28 & Q22

See also Honda Prelude 1993