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M111 - I4

99 SLK230 See Mercedes-C230-and-SLK230

M111 Variants Wiki

HOWTO M111 on microRusEFI

Jimmy, Scott have M111 2.3 Compressor engine, both as swaps into 190e body wireing detailes

Alex has M111 1.8 (now swaped M111.961) Forum

w202.018 C180 MY99

ME 2.1 description/Pinout

M112 v6 320

1999-e320 Connector and Wiring

M113 v8


1999-e430 Connector and Wiring

2000-s430 Connector and Wiring

Mercedes-v8 Wiring

M113K is 113.990 or 113.991? Looks like 134 pin connector?

M156 looks like 154 pin connector? WebETM Starfinder is amazing?

2011 W212 E63 1569001300 ME9.7

1997 S320