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In order to configure coolant temperature sensor or intake air sensor you would need to know it's resistance at three temperatures - lowest, highest and somewhere in between. You would also need to know the value of pull-up 'bias' resistor, which together with your sensor would make a voltage divider.

While troubleshooting CLT and IAT, the two most useful commands are analoginfo and tempinfo - these show you the voltage registered by rusEFI alongside with input pins and resistance processing values.

analoginfo Output

tempinfo Output

CLT Thermistor Settings

Some datapoints

1996 Dodge RAM 1500 V8 Temp spreadsheet from FSM - Forum

IAT Thermistor settings


MLX90620 / MLX90621 - 16X4 pixel IR thermal array

Broken Link

Transition from MLX90620 to MLX90621

MLX90621  Pinout