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Q: where can I buy a Proteus?


With fabrication files for Proteus you can get a 80% assembled unit from JLCPCB. QTY 2 price XXX, QTY 10 price YYY. While the most complicated main chip is soldered you would still solder a few dozens of surface mount components.


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TE Ampseal Connectors

Ampseal tutorial video

Ampseal application specification (instruction manual): This document includes how to crimp connectors, how to install them in to headers, and how to remove pins from a header.

Image showing mod for V0.3 DFU problem

3D cases

vented/unvented by Kneelo

by OrchardPerformance

by Kon

We have a plastic CNCed case

McM 90417A118 black oxide, #4 3/8" long screws recommended

Dev Access

Most boards will need a debug header installed if you want to attach a debugger (not used for normal users). The recommended connector is Samtec PN FTSH-105-01-F-DV-007-K. When soldering the connector, the keying notch goes towards the center of the board, nearer to the 23p center connector.

Any debugger compatible with the standard 10-pin Cortex Debug Header should work, though the STLINK-V3 Mini is recommmended. It's available for $10-12 US from normal distributors like Mouser/Digikey. A ribbon cable is included so the connector and programmer are all that's required to debug on Proteus.

Adapters DONE

Adapters WIP

Adapters maybe NOT