How to contribute to

Step 0: Just a text edit? Text edits are possible directly via 'Edit' button, no PR needed!

Step 1: Sign up or sign in to

Step 2: Open and click 'Fork' - this would produce your own fork/copy of rusefi_documentation which you can now edit right in your browser! editor

Step 3: Edit your code and Commit changes using the button below the editor.

Step 4: Once you are ready to contribute your changes, hit 'New pull request' button on the main page of your fork.

This would produce a Pull request like this in the official rusefi repository and your changes would probably soon become public!

How to contribute to rusEFI TunerStudio project

Same as above, fork and edit your local copy of file is an example of how more help could be added right into TunerStudio project file. Lines with green background are the lines being added.

Unfortunately while you would be modifying your mainController.ini file while trying your changes, you need to edit rusefi.input file which is a template from which rusefi.ini is generated programmatically on rusefi side.

Technical implementation details

Github Wiki is weird.

One the one hand, we have - that's a git repository with nice pull request process, but less nice web page rendering which start each folder by showing list of files, that's not what end users want to see.

On the other hand, we have which is displayed much nicer - and that is actually implemented by ANOTHER git repository behind the scene. That repository does not have a nice Pull Request process :(

Solution? A combination. Here at rusefi_documentation both repositories are actually set to mirror each other. This way we have the nice Pull Request process on and once changes are merged into, complete is merged into which makes actual content nicely visible at

Technical FAQ

Q: Is it ok that cannot be opened from browser?

A: There is no reason to open from browser. Also while you technically CAN "git clone" and it would work - you should NOT. Anyone looking to make changes should be making changes to non-wiki git via normal fork & pull request process.

Additional automation is in charge of merging from into