In order to leverage github/wiki look&feel in combination with github pull request process we have to use two git repositories in our workflow:

1) Technical git repository is used to submit content using fork&pull request process

2) The user-facing repository is displayed to viewers at and Jenkins automation merges all changes from technical git into behind the scenes.

For example, in order for user abelom to edit this page:

1) abelom would start editing at which would automatically create a branch in fork 2) Once changed are made, abelom would create a Pull Request 3) Once that PR is merged into primary rusEFI modified content would appear as 4) Within the next 5 minutes automation would sync this page into wiki git and it would be available with nicer layout as

Same but in different terms:

1) Fork 2) Make your changes 3) PR your changes 4) Once PR is merged by one of moderators, your changes will appear at instantaneously 5) Within the next 5 minutes magic happens and the changes appear at

Q: Is there a place where we are holding all images for these documents? A: We have images in the same repository! Just add your images while editing pages. Please consider using some (any really) folder structure.

For example is visible on /wiki/ as

Long story short, for images to work correctly both in the technical git and the user-facing wiki, we place all .md files into the same root folder.

(More details: Please note that all .md files like are displayed without folder name like - which also means that you need full image path like FAQ/images/rusEFI_console/rusEFI_console_start_screen.png for the image to be rendered properly. This is one of the github wiki features which are a bit counter-intuitive to me.

This also means that .md file names have to be unique for the whole.)

Q: What sort of fancy options do we have? A: We can do collapsible sections & hints sections! See cranking for an example.