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We have a bracket GP winner, Matts lucky dog car has not done too badly iirc and we have a UKDC pro2 qualifying drift car. Street and import side, obviously your mr2, beers various mx5s and i believe a genesis has just been done. We also are starting to make plug and tinker boards for popular tuner chassis, MX5, genesis, e36/46.

Cold start on a Summer day

v8 LS: tune (waiting for video) (waiting for log)

Turbo Volvo: tune video (waiting for log)

Miata NA (waiting for tune) video (waiting for log)

Cold start on a Winter day

Beer Money's Lemon cold start(0c ambient) on E85 - Video


Hot start

Wow Matt hot starts - Video

Parked Idle

Hellen64 idle rusEFI - Video

Stop and go driving

Highway cruising

Excited acceleration driving

Consecutive engine cranking / engine stop


VVT control

CrazyStriker Miata NB2 - Forum

Jimmy M111 190e - Forum

Stepper Idle control

todo Dron

todo Matt

Misc Marketing

NB1 first drive - Video

Drift Championship - Video



Lua and CAN

Boost Control